The Lonely
De: Christina Perri
Interpretada por: Alma
Solos: Alma Soutter
Lugar: Auditorio
Episodio: Welcome To My Life

The Lonely, en español La Solitaria, es una canción presentada en el capitulo Welcome To My Life. La versión original pertenece a la cantante Christina Perri, sera cantada por Alma Soutter en la que sera su audición a New Directions.

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() 2am, where do I begin

Crying off my face again

The silent sound of loneliness

Wants to follow me to bed

I'm the ghost of a girl

That I want to be most

I'm the shell of a girl

That I used to know well

Dancing slowly in an empty room

Can the lonely take the place of you

I sing myself a quiet lullaby

Then you go and let the lonely in

To take my heart again…


Christina Perri - The Lonely (Official Lyric Video)

Christina Perri - The Lonely (Official Lyric Video)