De: Sterling Knight
Interpretada por: Cody
Solos: Cody Truscott
Lugar: Auditorio
Episodio: Welcome To My Life

Hero, en español Héroe, es una canción presentada en el capitulo Welcome To My Life. La versión original pertenece al cantante de disney Sterling Knight, sera cantada por Cody Truscott en su audición a New Directions.

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I'm no superman

I can't take your hand

And fly you anywhere

You want to go (yeah)

I can't read your mind

Like a billboard sign

And tell you everything

You want to hear but

I'll be your hero

I, I can be everything you need

If you're the one for me

Like gravity I'll be unstoppable

I, yeah I believe in destiny

I may be an ordinary guy

With heart, and soul

But if you're the one for me

I'll be your hero…


Sterling Knight - Hero (Music Video)

Sterling Knight - Hero (Music Video)